Girls Junior Varsity Swimming, Girls Varsity Swimming · Swim Season is Starting!

The HS Girls Swim Season will begin Monday March 15th-April 30th

Practice Times:
Week 1- 8:45p-9:45p (Group 1)
Week 2 -Week 7. 8:15p-9:45p (Group 1 & 2)
Spring Break April 4th-11th is optional and practice times will be earlier since the club team is taking this week off. Will announce times at practice.
The 2nd week and beyond I will have two groups arriving at two different times.
Group 1: 8:15-9:00p
Group 2: 9:00-9:45p
If swimmers are registered to swim, I will contact them personally by Monday’s first practice to let them know what group they are scheduled to swim in. Some swimmers may start the 2nd week vs the first week. All swimmers must have 5 practices in to compete at a swim meet.
Swim meets: No spectators
NO HOME meets only AWAY
Meets: 4-6
Transportation: Students are responsible for there own transportation to and from practices. Buses are available for away meets.
Location: YMCA
Gear: The YMCA has no equipment to share so students must bring there own gear. I will see if we are permitted via YMCA to use the schools flippers.
Suits: Since this is such a short season I am going to ask ladies to wear last years suits for meets. I am not going to require swimmers to purchase a new suit.
Swimmers must be suited up to swim. No locker rooms available.
Tupperware bin: swimmers will use there own personal bin to place face masks in and at end of pool.
In order to swim:
Registered under Family ID on schools website
Fees: ASB $35
          Participation fee $15
If you not cleared you can not swim nor be on deck.